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Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver   

Use of Nitrox can provide an additional safety cushion in a dangerous environment, and that is a good thing!

This class can be taken dry, as there are presently no diving requirements. Advantages and disadvantages of Nitrox will be taught, as well as calculation of Equivalent Air Depth and use of Nitrox tables. Use of the Oxygen Analyzer will be taught, and proper labeling of tanks for Maximum Operating Depth. Once you complete the course your "Nitrox Diver" card will enable you to get 32% and 36% Nitrox fills in standard equipment (Higher O2% will require tank O2 cleaning and conversion and an Advanced Nitrox Course). Bring a calculator, a pad and a pencil with eraser.
Prerequisite: Open Water Diver
The class is available in English, Russian, Polish and Ukrainian languages
You can begin your training by taking Enriched Air Diver online class now

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